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Nowadays, there is a wealth of information ready to bombard anyone who knows how to type "" into their internet browser. 


We know its difficult to navigate and discern what's really  useful and valuable amidst all the marketing and media hype. That is why we're compiling, and constantly revising, our own list of helpful partner companies and resources. Hopefully you find them to be as helpful as we have.


Senior Comfort Services 

Senior Comfort Services is a wonderful local organization based in Sutton, MA. Their goal is to lend a helping hand to seniors and their family members wishing to keep their loved ones in their own homes as long as possible.


Family Ties of Massachusetts

Family Ties of Massachusetts is a wonderful resource for families caring for children with special needs. More than anything else, it offers emotional support and care for families in these special circumstances. Such families are able to find comfort and support from families who can actually relate to their challenges. They also offer a lot of practical help, especially in the form of their Resources Directory.


Autism Intervention Specialists

We're still new to the Autism community, but our first exposure to some of the resources they have available to them was through Nassim's company, Autism Intervention Specialists. Their name is a basic explanation of the role they fill, but the impact they have on a family with an autistic child (or children) is profound.  Founder, Nassim Auode has been a guest on Bill's WCRN Radio show on a couple of ocassions. We're so impressed by the amazing families that Nassim has been fortunate enough to work closely with.