Incontinence Supplies

Incontinence Supplies

Incontinence Supplies

When you’re in need of incontinence supplies, one of the most important aspects is choosing the right product for your specific needs. At AllCare Medical Supply in Millbury, MA, we carry a wide range of inventory for you to choose from. You’ll never have trouble finding exactly what you’re looking for when you shop with us. Our staff would be happy to answer your questions and help you find the incontinence supplies that is right for you. Give us a call or stop by and see us in Millbury, MA today!


If you prefer one-time use products that offer leak protection, you might be interested in the various disposable options. For instance, there are numerous types of disposable pads and diapers on the market for those who wish to throw their product away after use. There are many affordable options in this category and you can buy in bulk to avoid frequent trips to the store.


There are also plenty of reusable incontinence supplies that might be worth investing in, such as leak-proof briefs. They’re soft, stretchy, and comfortable enough for daily use. Briefs come with a leak-proof lining that’ll offer superior protection, so you never have to worry about changing throughout the day. Plus, there’s an assortment of color options. They’re machine washable but it’s often recommended to hand wash them to maintain excellent condition.


Another popular option you can consider is adult diapers. This type of incontinence product consists of a top sheet, a distribution layer, and a strong, absorbent core. The top sheet is often made to be extremely porous so any liquid that leaks through is quickly absorbed by the core. As a result, your skin remains clean and dry. Then, the distribution layer works to move any liquid away from your skin and down into the absorbent core, where it is trapped in place.

Washable Pads

You’ll find that washable pads are another great option because they’re reusable and discreet. This incontinence product is considered one of the most sensible options because you save both money and time. Additionally, you’ll be choosing an environmentally friendly product that doesn’t contribute to the alarming amount of sanitary products that are disposed of each year. You can wash these pads by gently scrubbing them with detergent until they’re clean or simply soaking them overnight in water and vinegar.

Visit us at AllCare Medical Supply in Millbury, MA to start browsing our inventory today! We’re confident you’ll be able to find the perfect incontinence supplies for your needs.